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The Revannist Order is an age old secret order. We have been around for centuries. No one knows of our creator, except our High Council. We have been in total secrecy on a few know of our true past, and even fewer know us enough to fear us. Our past has brought us to the point of no return. We seek galactic domination, and will do anything to get it. Many people believe that we are terrorist, but we are not. We are an organization that seeks destruction of the current government, because of their inefficency. That was the exact reason the Revannist Order was created. To bring down the current government, and replace it with our New Order. In means of destroying any resistance. To fully know us, is to join us, or stand aside. Our New Order will bring peace, and justice to the galaxy.
    Our history goes back 500 years. We were created by the Dark Lord Revan. He brought us out of our miserable lives, and gave us meaning. We declared war on all forms of government, so that we may bring our New Order. This order was to bring us what is needed for a empire. We will rule by fear, tyranny, and military might. Our members signed over their souls in order to bring this war to an end soon. We have members that have infiltrated our enemies, and all areas of governments.
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EriusMaldex, Mar 11, 11 3:48 PM.
We have our newest members,
-Chicagoblhawks our Minister of Defense
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Hey we are currently recruiting. We have no level requirents, but we will require you to be active on the clansite in the forum. So if you join, we cannot give you any benefits yet, because we are not currently a official clan. So bear with me. eriusMaldex
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